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Nol van Schaik in the Spanish press/Prensa Espanol

Canamo magazine, Spain’s foremost cannabis magazine, published an interview with Nol, they made a nice article, but they misspelled Nol’s last name, a minor mistake…

The next picture shows Marcel, Willie Wortel’s manager, in a ‘find the differences’ game.

Our entrance on the front of Canamo 13.

An article from Wernard, about the 10 best coffeeshops in Holland, outside Amsterdam.

An article Nol wrote about the influence on the coffeeshop policy in Holland, after a major change in the Dutch government, Canamo asked if they could publish it in Spanish, they could, of course.

An interview with Nol, about the Dutch Experience coffeeshop in Stockport, UK. The interview was done in the park next to the coffeeshop.

That was all, for now,

Es todo, para ahora,

Maruska y Marcel.

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