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Are you interested in Nol van Schaik?

You found the right website then, feel welcome to dig up everything you want to know about Nol and his efforts for cannabis and coffeeshops, by displaying all press articles published about him and his many projects.
This infotainment site contains press articles from the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Canada, the USA and even Japan.
We added a few image galleries of Nolís cannabis and hash shots, and a serie of pictures of Nol with some kind of cannabis smoke.
We felt a site like this was necessary, first, because there is a lot of demand for info through our regular website, www.hempcity.net, second, there is a lot of gossip and rumours around Nol, which we want to set straight here, and third, we feel this great archive had to become available, itís a cannabis entrepreneurís history.

Maruska and Marcel.

Hi, I am Maruska de Blaauw, one of the
initiators of this website. I am Willie Wortelís
bar-manager since 1991, and the collector of
all the clippings on this site. I also happen to
be Nolís partner in life for 7 years now.
My name is Marcel Dekker, Dope Manager of
Willie Wortel since 1991, I am involved in Nolís
Projects from the very first day. I collected all the
Pictures, and assisted Maruska with the comments.
Always ready for new adventures, if Nol starts one.

Copyright by Maruska and Marcel