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Nol van Schaik up in smoke shots.

We know Nol likes smoking joints best, but recently, he is smoking a bong occasionally.
He will always have a hit on anything he is offered anyway, it is not polite to turn a good smoke down, as he always explains.

Does Nol smoke cannabis? Yes, he does…

Nol smokes a Blunt on the Beachpop Festival on Bloemedaal beach, July 2001.
Photo: Pete Brady

Nol is testing the Vapir, a very patient friendly vaporisor.

Nol smokes a joint with Boris St.Maurice, chairman of the Canadian Marihuana Party.

Nol just finished a joint, on the coast of Gran Canaria, Spain.

Nol smokes a joint in London, overlooking the Big Wheel across the Thames.

Nol on the Hubble Bubble Bong in cannabisshop Sativa.

A warm welcome chillum in the Moonfisher coffeeshop in Christiania.

Nol smokes a chillum, together with 4 Italian visitors in Sativa.

A shot from the Dortdtse Weed Cup, afloat on a boat, Nol inhales vapour from the Double Trouble, an invention of Evert, from the Verdamper. (The Vaporizer)

Smoking a nice long joint on the doorstep of Sativa.

Nol smokes a joint after his granddaughter Chelsea was born.

Sharing a joint with Maruska, on the beach in Spain.

Inhaling from a vaporizer, made by the Pollinator company.

Nol called this mini Sherlock Lil’Puffy, it can be a nose burner!

An apple a day…

Stoned to the bone on a terrace in Spain.

A carrot pipe, donated by Fitter.

About to try to empty this bag full of vapour, in Indica cannabisshop.

Smoking behind his laptop, when he was wrting his book, The Dutch Experience.

A laid back afternoon in Yanks coffeeshop, Zandvoort.

Smoking a joint behind the wheel of Mark’s boat, who floated around the Haarlem river for a few days.

Maruska and Marcel.

Copyright by Maruska and Marcel